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SEANICS™ is an innovative modular system for recreational applications on water.
Our groundbreaking product design is constructed from four core principles:


World’s first special designed catamaran hull made from bio-composite.


Modules can integrate different types of top-sections, e.g. exclusive dinner space or meeting room


Easy anchoring

Modules can be anchored in all harbour types, e.g. by bulwark or anchor.


High stability from coupled modules due to the unique coupling- and ballast systems.

fiber body

The innovative and highly sustainable composite material is 100% biomaterial, made from 30% flax linen and 70% basalt fibres.

Rooflight windows

The modules’ rooftop can be installed with solar panels to optimize energy consumption in accordance with the module’s efficient and sustainable design.

Easy maintenance

The SEANICS® modules are low and easy in maintenance. The biocomposite hull structure is resistant to corrosion and welcomes the natural fortification of marine growths.

Our partners

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Who are we

SEANICS® is a 2020 innovation project borne out of GoBoat, a fast-growing water experience company from Denmark specializing in sustainable boat rental powered by clean energy sources.

GoBoat operates in harbours all over the world, from Copenhagen to Canberra.


The module is designed and classified as a catamaran boat.
If needed, the module can be mounted with an electric motor for self-propelling movement at low speed.

Our module sizes come in 3 standard dimensions:

20ft: 6L x 2.5W x 3.3H
30ft: 9L x 3.75W x 3.3H
40ft: 12L x 5W x 3.3H
+40ft: custom design

The standard module sizes are designed and optimized for regular transportation on flatbed trucks. Custom dimensioned modules will likely require special transportation.

The module consists of 3 overall building elements:

- organic biocomposite from 30% flax linen and 70% basalt (catamaran hull structure)
- exterior and interior hardwood cladding (finishing elements)
- panoramic, high-performance windows (facade & rooflight)