Our partners

SEANICS® is collaborating with a wide host of global product manufacturers, designers, engineers and innovation clusters.


VELUX is a Danish manufacturing company that specializes in roof windows and skylights. For almost 80 years, VELUX has created better indoor climates by bringing daylight and fresh air into homes and buildings around the world.

The VELUX Group, and its affiliate partners, provide both facade and roof windows for all SEANICS® products as well as extensive expertise for design and functionality.

Fredsted Floors

Fredsted Floors is a modern Danish design and materials company, specializing in exclusive flooring and wooden solutions.

As product partner, Fredsted Floors delivers sustainable and beautiful material for exterior and interior cladding, including best-in-class industry products such as LIGNIA wood and MOSA tiles.


Kelteks is one of the market leaders within the construction and composite industries. 

The company specializes in production and development of future-oriented, high-performance textiles made from carbon, fiberglass and basalt.

Kelteks is a vital material supplier for SEANICS®, which will be the world’s first commercial catamaran hull made from 100% bio composite of flax linen and basalt. The unique and energy economic material selection further ensures added module strength and low weight.

Innovation Fund Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in new ideas with commercial potential as well as ideas to tackle important social and ecological challenges.

The research and development of SEANICS® is partially funded by Innovation Fund Denmark. The funding has helped achieve groundbreaking technical features, bringing the product innovation level to a whole new plane; including the development of a bio composite hull construction and a special designed ballast tank system. 

Thorne Design UK

Thorne Design is a British marine consultancy for yacht design, naval architecture and composite engineering. 

Thorne Design conducts services for all sorts of exclusive marine constructions around the world, and is a central engineering partner for introducing new product and design innovations in SEANICS®.

RAND Boats

RAND Boats is the market leader of electric power boats and frontrunner for a new generation of aesthetic and user-friendly motorboats, all respectful of nature. The Danish company has a strong tradition for cutting-edge design to create the best experiences at sea.

RAND Boats is the manufacturing partner for SEANICS® as well as lead design partner.