We pride ourselves on creating alternatives that benefit both you and the planet.

Picture of a DUUO employee (called Roberto) who is holding a bottle of cleaning detergent.

Nordic Ecolabel Certified

The Nordic Ecolabel or Svanemærke is one of the strictest environmental certifications in the world. Subject to a rigorous set of requirements, the label certifies that the brand has taken possible precaution to minimize their environmental impact throughout all stages of the product life cycle.

Moreover, the Svanemærke is only awarded to products that contain non-toxic chemicals and clean ingredients. By using Svanemærket-certified products, we’re doing our part to attain a brighter, healthier and more sustainable future for everyone. 

As of 2021, 98% of all cleaning products used by our team are Svanemærket-certified. Within the next year, we are committed to using 100% Svanemærket-certified products across all our services and departments. 

Pedal Power

We take our carbon footprint seriously, which is why cargo bikes are our preferred method of transportation. And let’s face it – it doesn’t get much more Danish than this. Whenever possible, we avoid using external transportation services such as delivery trucks and couriers to help minimize our carbon emissions.

For larger tasks and projects, we’ve got you covered with our fleet of our energy-efficient company cars. Regardless of the means of transportation, we’ll ensure that its contents are delivered to you safely, quickly and at minimal environmental impact.

On the picture is Habib, who is DUUO's delivery person.
Picture of a DUUO employee who is holding a bucket with cleaning detergents..

Eco-friendly Uniforms

We wanted to make uniforms that our employees would feel proud to rep. In partnership with Makershirt, we’ve created shirts constructed of 100% organic GOTS-certified cotton and recycled polyesters.

In addition to looking and feeling great, our uniforms are ethically-produced and manufactured without the use of polluting chemicals and harmful pesticides. 

The Small Stuff​

We’re challenging ourselves to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. In our case, this journey starts with the small stuff – the minor tweaks to our daily routines that, once added up, can dramatically minimize our overall environmental impact.

One example of such adjustments is using specialized measuring equipment so that employees only pour as much cleaning product as needed. This habit not only reduces product waste but also ensures that the correct dosage is being used across all facilities and locations.
On the picture is a close up of a bottle with cleaning detergents. The bottle has a dosage system


green miles covered yearly via bycicles.


ecofriendly cleaning products


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